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All the news relating to the Tech Haven network, including news about the Wiki, Rares Database, Forums and any other site news, including news from other players and fansites.

Items DB 1.3.3
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 15 September 2007
The items DB has recived a small update in preperation for the upcoming Rares DB2.0.0 release. The XML feeds will not be publicly availavable until version 1.4, as the aim of the XML feeds will be to make the XML data un-serialize into a set of .NET2.0 objects.
The Prophecy Network - The first fansite for Black Prophecy is now open!
Fansite News
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 22 August 2007

About a year ago, some small details about a new game in the works called Black Prophecy started to appear. About the same time myself and everyone of the Tech Haven Network Admin started to hatch some new plans for world dominat... hang on who put that in this script?

Then the first screenshot for Black Prophecy appeared less than a month ago, and at that point we moved into action to setup The Prophecy Network - an unofficial fansite for Black Prophecy.

So everyone, I would like to announce the forums of the website is now open to fans and interested players of Black Prophecy, where you can discuss and speculate as much as you like about Black Prophecy.

At a later date, we shall be adding a news front page, and maybe some extra more goodies.

See you all at the http://www.prophecy-network.com - The first fansite for Black Prophecy.

While I'm here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tratos, Delphi (aka James Finn) Cmaster, and Nova for their help and work in setting up the forums. Also thank you to Nidhogg and KK for being very supportive of our plans to setup the fansite. Also thanks to members of the THN and Neocron communities Abeyance, StevenJ, Tubby, SanityIsLost for testing and contributing their thoughts to The Prophecy Network.

Extended server downtime 4-5 September
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 20 August 2007

The THN web server will be undergoing a scheduled extended downtime from Tuesday 4th September 22:00 GMT to the next day of 7:00GMT.

This downtime also effects http://www.nc-wiki.com and http://www.prophecy-network.com as they are hosted on the same server. 

The reason  is to allow the server to be to moved to it's new home at it's new co-lo hosting centre.

The THN forums and Rares DB will be taken offline about 1 hour before the downtime and backed up. 

I apologise for the inconvenience caused.

THN Remember me users
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 03 August 2007

The THN has been updated to the latest version of Joomla, which has changed part of the authenication system on the THN.

Due to the way cookies are handled for users who have "Remember me" enabled, I've had to revoke all the cookies for these users. You can re-enable the "Remember me" by re-login in, and everything should be as before.

As a result, the Rares DB has had a minor upgrade for the changes. The Item DB 1.3.3 release has been released early, but the XML feeds are disabled at this time.

Any problems please report them here

THN server downtime
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 08 June 2007

Update: 9th June 2007 15:49 BST - Upgrades completed! 

Yesterday, between 20:00 and 23:00 BST, the THN was down, due to a failed PHP5 upgrade. The PHP5 upgrade failed because support for Apache 1 was removed without warning. A temporary fix has been put in to allow the THN to continue, but with reduced performance.

To fix the webserver properly requires some more planned downtime.

Sometime between 07:00BST and 17:00BST on Saturday 9th June, the THN will be unavailable. This includes the THN forums, Item DB, and Rares DB. The ability to edit your Rares list in the Rares DB will be disabled during the upgrade.

During the downtime, the THN web server will be upgraded from Apache 1 to Apache 2.

I can only apologies for the inconvience caused, and I thank you for your understanding.

Rares DB - Tricin Import - Support to be dropped
Rares Database
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Coding for the THN Rares DB version 2.0.0 is in progress at the moment. There is no ETA for the release, but it is expected to be early July.

One of the features the Rares DB has, is allowing importing of old data from the Tricin.net Rares DB which closed down in May 2005. The owner of the Tricin.net Rares DB (Who I apologise for forgetting his name.) was kind enough to give a copy of the database (With personal data removed) to the THN so users could convert their old data to be used with the THN Rares DB.

For the Rares DB 2.0.0 release support for importing data from the Tricin data will be dropped, and will no longer be supported. The main reason for dropping the support is the import tool hasn't been used since August 2005.

You are welcome to discuss the new features planned of the Rares DB in this thread.

Items DB - Now Searchable ingame
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 07 May 2007

After a couple of weeks of development work by Hoover of the Ultimate Network, and erm...myself on the Tech Haven network, I'm delighted to announce you can search the Items DB ingame if you have the Ultimate Launcher installed.

So if you type in the RPOS window ingame. /thnitem <The item you want to search for> it will return the list of item ingame. Some examples.

/thnitem holy heal


/thnitem ion shotgun

You will get a list of results of the items with their requirements, modifers, parts listings and much more. 

Items DB 1.3.1
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 29 April 2007

Items DB 1.3.1 has been released. This release addresses some of the issues with the search function, and adds some extra improvements to the search functions. 

New Official Fansite
Fansite News
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 26 April 2007

Snowcrash has announced that the Ultimate Network, who produce the Ultimate Launcher for Neocron 2 has become an official Neocron 2 fansite.

The Tech Haven Network, would also like to congratulate the the Ultimate Network on becoming an official fansite, and we are looking forward to continuing to working together.

As a little sidenote on working together myself and Hoover are currently working on a project to allow the THN Items DB to be searched ingame with the ultimate launcher. This feature will be available very soon.

Thanks Tratos!
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 23 April 2007

It is with a little sadness I announce that Tratos Skarn is stepping down for a break from his role as THN Administrator and THN Forum moderator which he has done such a fantastic job on.

Like everyone who works on the THN website team, the THN wouldn't be where it is today without Tratos' help. So a big thank you from myself and the rest of the THN team, and I'm sure all the readers of the THN will join me in thanking him.

Now normally my in-game clan doesn't usually get mentioned here, as the THN is neutral ground for everyone, but I just like to point out his little roleplay thread Tratos has posted on the THN and the official forums. Keep it RP, and join in if you like!

...and finally Tratos, remember one thing. The Neocrack will make you come back! :P

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