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Imprint - The runners behind the Tech Haven Network

The Tech Haven Network would not be possible without the help of members from the Neocron Community.

Items Database

Special thanks to: -FN- for allowing the THN to have the Items Database.

Icon Graphics design: Darkana, with other contributions from Pantho.

Testing team and bug hunters: Delphi, Nova Tiempo, Tratos and Cmaster.

Coding: Brammers, with special thanks to Nova Tiempo for his contributions.

And also thanks to everyone in  the Neocron Community for their contributions, offers of help and messages of thanks.

Tech Haven Network Guides

Special thanks to: -FN- for running the NC.SynergyXR website over the last few year, we will miss you.

Thanks to Cmaster, Pepsi, Pantho, Debonair and many other Neocron Community members for saving the NC.SynergyXR website data.

Also a very special thanks to Cmaster, Pepsi and Tratos who transfered the NC.SynergyXR guides into the THN.

General Credits

Tech Haven Network project administrion and coding: Brammers. 

Current Tech Haven Network Website Team members: Brammers, Tratos, [TgR]Killer, Delphi, Cmaster and Nova Tiempo.

Graphics: Tratos, Brammers, Thonkus and Dr J Zoidberg - Graphics based on Neocron by ReaKKtor. Graphics contributions from StevenJ and Darkana. Thanks to Flib for providing missing Item DB images.

Past Tech Haven Network Website Team members: Husk, Garyu69, Dr J Zoidberg and -FN-, thank you for your contributions to the THN.Tech Haven Network

Forum moderators: Brammers and Tratos Skarn.

Tech Haven Network Evolution 2.1 design team: Brammers, Husk, Tratos, [TgR]Killer, Dr J Zoidberg and Garyu69.

Tech Haven Network was originally founded by: Zane Shadowfall, Brammers and [TgR]Killer, and Husk in October 2003 

Neocron2™ and Reakktor.com® are trademarks or registered trademarks of Reakktor Media. These trademarks and all related materials, logos, and images are copyright © Reakktor Media.

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