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Items DB 1.3.1
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 29 April 2007

Items DB 1.3.1 has been released. This release addresses some of the issues with the search function, and adds some extra improvements to the search functions. 

Searching Improvements

This release fixes some of the issues with 3 letter words that did not return any search data, and it adds extra search terms to the data to return (Hopefully) results that wasn't being returned.

So "ion" now return items with "ion" in them. (1.3.0 failed to return any results)
"woc" returns any items marked as woc.
RG1000 will return the "HEW Advanced Battle Drone RG-1000" (1.3.0 failed to return any results)

Added new column to item data - Short Name. This is for the recognised short name of an item eg - HL = Healing Light, WP8 = Weapon part 8. The short name information is searchable, so you can use HL to find the Healing Light. The DB is in the process of adding the short name to the items that have one.

Added additional search words column to item data - this will allow us to add additional search words to an item. So for ionic shotgun rifle we can add the word "ion"

Changed search rank column to an rank icon. The more green the bars are, the chances are this is the item you are searching for.

Ultimate Launcher

Currently I'm waiting on Hoover to do a few bug fixes to the Ultimate Launcher and release the new version, before this command will be enabled.

The /thnitem command uses the same search engine. It returns the following information:-
- Item TL and Name
- Requirements, and item modifiers
- Parts and recycle lists
- Other information about the item


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