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Rares DB - Tricin Import - Support to be dropped
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Coding for the THN Rares DB version 2.0.0 is in progress at the moment. There is no ETA for the release, but it is expected to be early July.

One of the features the Rares DB has, is allowing importing of old data from the Tricin.net Rares DB which closed down in May 2005. The owner of the Tricin.net Rares DB (Who I apologise for forgetting his name.) was kind enough to give a copy of the database (With personal data removed) to the THN so users could convert their old data to be used with the THN Rares DB.

For the Rares DB 2.0.0 release support for importing data from the Tricin data will be dropped, and will no longer be supported. The main reason for dropping the support is the import tool hasn't been used since August 2005.

You are welcome to discuss the new features planned of the Rares DB in this thread.

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