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Public Test Server
All the latest news from the Public Test Server(PTS).

Vedeena Test Server patch - 186-188
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 14 April 2014

The Neocron Support Team have released a new patch to the public test server Vedeena.

This patch has some import changes which will shape PvP in the future and the NST is looking for players to test these import changes, and provide feedback.

The patch notes contain more detailed information on testing the PvP balancing changes - so before you go testing, please make sure you read the patch notes in full .

New Test Server Patch #188 Released!
Written by nEo1664   
Sunday, 25 August 2013

The next patch to hit the test server, #188 is here! Check out the notes below, and then the link through to the discussion page! Go get testing the Faction Warzones!


Dear community,

here we go again, the next patch in the R#184 releases. Taking a more agile route in terms of feature development. Instead of developing features completely at the drawing board, implementing them and in the end releasing them just to notice that they are s... uboptimal, we will in the future realease new features earlier, while being still on the drawing board. This means that new features we implement will feel incomplete, because they are! We want to gather your feedback as early as possible, to adjust the route new features take as early as possible to be as much fun as possible!

​Faction warzones are a new feature which allows whole factions to work as a team, capturing sectors of the gameworld to reap the benefits. However, benefits have not yet been implemented. We are still discussing on how an what kind of benefits should be implemented. For now only ​Dome of York Sector 10 is a Faction Warzone. We limited the number of sectors to one to focus testing. To conquer a sector 4 security layers will have to be hacked. No access to the hacknet is required for now. The members of the owning faction of the sector should be notified in case someone tries to take over their sector.


  • Further tweaks have been made to the Twilight Guardian Epic Mission.
  • Twilight Guardian VERY EASY and EASY CityCom Missions have been adjusted to reflect new mob availability in the Canyon Facility Caves.
  • Further tweaks have been made to the Reza's Calling Mission bringing the German and French versions up to date.

  • Further tweaks have been made to the Twilight Guardian Guards placed in the Canyon Sectors of the Wastelands.
  • Canyon Facility Caves have been renamed to Canyon Caves Lvl 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 to reflect new mob loadouts.
  • Mob selection, distribution and density has been modified for the Canyon Facility Caves.
  • CopBots have been removed from the Pepper Park Subway Station.

  • Terror Leapers now drop suitable loot. Rare Parts have the same drop rate as found on Warbots.
  • All varieties of Cave Crawler are now physically smaller.
  • Several fixes have been made in the Dialogue of Master Hunters.

Known issues:
  • The signs distributed over the sector to indicate who currently owns this sectors are a little bit too short, therefore long faction names are cut.
  • In case you have downloaded T#188 between thursday and today 17.15 CEST, you have to reinstall your testserver client. You can verify whether you downloaded the correct T#188 patch by looking at its size. You can find a fille called cp000188.pat insed the patches subfolder of your testserver client. In case it is around 1.1MB in size you are fine! Sorry for that mess!


Patch discussion here

Test server patch R#184|T#187 released
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Another test server patch has been released over the last couple of days, which features a major re-working of how unressed rare parts stack. The patch notes can be discussed here .


  • Fixed a bug in the Twilight Guardian Epic Mission.

  • Un-researched Rare Parts will now stack as L, T and E parts, regardless of what part they will become once researched.
  • Un-researched MC5 Parts will now stack in a single independent stack, regardless of what part they will become once researched.

  • Tweaked positions of Twilight Guardian guards in Canyon Sectors (introduced in T#184).
  • Static Warbots in the Juggernaut Facility are no longer inside out.

  • Added appropriate dialogue to replace place holder 'Damn! Locked!' messages related to SL changes.
  • Fixed a bug which caused players to hold weapons in the wrong pose.
  • Character Creation now correctly lists 'Canyon Facility' as the starting location of Twilight Guardian.
  • Character Creation now correctly lists 'Outzone' as the starting location of Brotherhood of Crahn.


Test server news - Please report ALL problems
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 26 November 2012

A bit of test server news. First of Alduin just tweeted that Release Candidate 2 will be released later today (About 7pm UK time), and there will be some test events. So please help out with the testing and Mokio asks that report any problems to the BugTracker forum so that 175 can be released sooner rather than later.

"As many of you may know we are approaching a new retail patch and we would love to get this out the door sooner than later...

... BUT:
the Testserver has crashed a couple of times today with players on the server who did not report the crash and the circumstances.
We absolutely need to know what is causing these crashes. So whenever you have issues on the Testserver, report them ASAP and with detailed information on your most recent actions.

A server crash may not immediately look like one to you - often you will only be thrown to the login screen and wil be able to login again (the server gets back on its feet rather quickly).
Thus, again, ALWAYS report ANY issues you experience.

The alternative is patching retail with this server issue left open - however, we do not like the idea of turning Titan into a de-facto Testserver, neither should you.

Thank you for your assistance and happy testing."


Test Server Patch [T#179]
Written by nEo1664   
Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Well the DEV team have been busy, and the latest patch release on the PTS has been labelled as Release Candidate 1! It addresses a few annoying bugs, so read the notes, patch up, and get testing them so we can get all the bug fixes and updates onto the Titan retail server!


        • Fixed a reloading bug
      • Reduced the intensity of visual interference when Drones are being damaged
      • Fixed clan account money transfer issues
      • Fixed truncation of entries inside error.log
      • Slightly tweaked player interpolation (should not get stuck in hackterms anymore)
      • Fixed NPCs getting stuck
      • Fixed possible server crashes and vulnerabilities
      • Casting should be more fluent now
      • Altered CR calculations


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