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PTS Patch notes 177
Written by nEo1664   
Monday, 29 October 2012

Once again, over this weekend, there is further developement on the PTS(Public Test Server) with patch #177 being released. Please take note, the updates so far are not yet on Retail, nor will they be until the Support team are happy with the updates made.

In the mean time, enjoy the patch notes!

From Alduin:

Again: this is not yet a release candidate for retail 175! We will enable and disable stuff as needed to focus testing.


  • Tweaked the loading screen a bit
  • Reenabled all stealth tools (resolved crash issue)
  • Reenabled all drones (NPCs now target drones correctly)
  • Tweaked interpolation ("clipping fix")
  • Added mission NPC to grant XP needed for WoC5
  • Added several missing vendors to Neocronstruct

Please test the improved interpolation and the drone safespotting fix as extensively as possbile! Also everything else still needs much testing, the more you test, the earlier this patch will reach gold status!

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