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All the Neocron 2 Plan files for ReaKKtor

Neocron 2 Planfile #1
Written by Tratos   
Wednesday, 18 October 2006
This planfile covers the topic of "Theme Weeks"
Neocron 2 - Planfile 5
Written by Tratos   
Saturday, 17 December 2005
2.1 is established so its time for another planfile from Holger, click here for planfile itself and feel free to discuss it on the official forums
Neocron 2 Planfile #4
Written by Tratos   
Wednesday, 31 August 2005
Today, ReaKKtor have released the 4th planfile for Neocron 2. This contains new information for those playing on Pandore and how the server will change as it becomes the international PvP server and how to move their characters to another one of the existing servers.

This update also brings news of changes happening in the next 2-3 Months, Neocron 2 will be recieveing alot of new graphical updates as the TeKKtonic Evolution engine is finaly used to its new limits.

Click here for the new planfile and discuss it here on the official forums
Neocron 2: Planfile #3
Written by Tratos   
Monday, 11 July 2005
Holger has released a new planfile, have a look here for the planfile details and check out this thread for the extensive discussion and debate about ReaKKtors 3rd planfile for Neocron 2.
Neocron 2 Planfile #2
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 09 June 2005
Holger Nathrath has published a new plan file for Neocron 2, with news of a PvP server coming, and finally the Rokkwear outiffters will be back!

You can joined the discussion on the THN in here and on the offical forums on this thread
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