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Neocron 2 Planfile #2
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 09 June 2005
Holger Nathrath has published a new plan file for Neocron 2, with news of a PvP server coming, and finally the Rokkwear outiffters will be back!

You can joined the discussion on the THN in here and on the offical forums on this thread

After a rather long period of internally directed activity it is now time to provide you all with a new status update. We have achieved a lot in the past weeks. New and effective missions, help for newcomers and a good deal of new content have all been implemented.  In order to support this we have also overhauled the entire mission and scripting systems which will enable us to provide much more complex and interesting missions in the future.

In addition, a lot of work on back-end systems and product environment has also been performed.  While this may not be visible from the outside, it greatly helped the preparations for our international release.



Neocron 2 has been released in stores in the UK, Greece and Turkey. The availability of Neocron 2 in the UK especially is a good step in the right direction.

The trial commercial model had to be changed to the current model for understandable reasons, otherwise the online distribution of the trial version would have hindered the sales of the Neocron 2 boxed version. However, as access to Neocron2 is fairly difficult in many other countries we will try to have the trial model readjusted as soon as possible.  We will let you know as soon as any decisions are made concerning this.

Additionally, we are in negotiations with our partners to have more responsibility for the marketing of Neocron2.  I hope that we can resolve this issue very soon, allowing us to use more initiative in our product marketing in future. 


After a successful start of the theme weeks with the drone overhaul there were delays with the Hacknet weeks, partially exacerbated by the build-up to the international release.  Even though there were a lot of improvements and additions to the Hacknet, not all of the created content is completely available yet, preventing these theme weeks from being successfully completed.

This definitely does not correspond to the fundamental idea of the theme weeks.

It also became clear that not all topics can be handled with this format so we will be using the theme week model in a more flexible way in the future whilst retaining the focus on specific areas. The theme week forum will be closed in between the individual theme weeks to show a clear division.

Other development plans that may not suit the theme weeks format will be published on an “In Development” page on the Neocron Homepage.  Our intention is to make what we do more visible to you in future.


We are well aware of the problems caused by the so-called "Sync Bug" and will keep working on resolving these issues.  The main problem with identifying possible causes is the fact that some players never or rarely experience said issues, while others have massive problems.  We are hoping to learn more about the causes with the data collected by our Community Liaison, Nidhogg. Again, we are hoping for your understanding and your cooperation with the data collection.  We are constantly seeking to improve the quality of our product in every area.



As the final implementation of the Item tracking system is drawing closer, I’d like to clarify some of its features.

Item tracking tracks what happens to certain item types within the game.  If an item is lost, the item tracking system will be able to help our support department to determine when the item was lost, whether it still exists in the game world, and if it does, where it is located.  Item tracking will allow our supporters to replace items lost due to game bugs, and normally the lost item will be replaced by an item of identical quality.

The following item types are being tracked:

* Weapons, PSI modules, implants and tools over TL 80
* All items built with rareparts (rareparts on their own will not be tracked)
* All vehicle keys
* All apartment keys
* Powerarmors
* Expensive furniture
* Rewards from the Epic Runs and high level runs (e.g. Ion Crossbow)
* Faction rewards


Rokkwear will live! The time has finally come. We had the opportunity to thoroughly analyze and fix the problems with the outfitter system and will finally re-enable the system in the next patch.  At last it will be possible to change your clothing at one of the numerous Rokkwear terminals in the game.


Due to popular request, we have decided to change the rule set on the server “Mercury“ to be more fitting for a player versus player environment. This means that in the near future, the focus of the game on this realm will be PvP. The following rules are therefore to be changed:

* International server (the support language will be English)
* All safe zones in the game world will be disabled.
* When a player dies, he or she will drop an item randomly chosen from the quickbelt or inventory. Players will no longer drop Quickbelts.
* The safeslot option will also be disabled. Items like Epic Run rewards will not be dropped however.
* The automatic soullight regeneration rate will be increased.
* Soullight penalties will be less severe.
* There will be no official role play events, instead the Gamemaster team will occasionally organize PVP events. The focus for RP events will be concentrated on the other servers.


Everyone who has been with Neocron for a while will certainly remember the NEMA, a pdf Magazine that appeared monthly which outlined the events of the past month and contained hints towards events that would play out in the storyline.

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide this service.  Instead, we have decided to create a web portal within 2-3 weeks which will replace the functionality of the NEMA while being more accessible to players and more interactive.  This will also allow a better distinction between the events on different servers.  Likewise, there will be sections for Neocron and Dome of York.

This platform will also be used to support the storyline activities and bring it closer to you, inspiring new activity.
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