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Wiki Version 2
Written by Delphi   
Sunday, 24 February 2008

As Im sure most of you will have realised the wiki formally known as www.nc-wiki.com has been moved permanently to http://wiki.techhaven.org and now falls under the banner of the Techhaven Network. This has enabled us to foster close links with the THN and Brammers has kindly developed a nice extension for the wiki.

Also since the wiki has moved a new facelift was in order, so a new skin has been developed by Delphi which fits in more with the neocron universe, and the Techhaven Network.

Any comments or suggestions can be posted here (Official forums) or here (Techhaven forums).

Version 2 release has the following updates to the site:

  • THN affiliation
  • THN Item database wiki extension, using the new THN API system
  • New skin
  • New admins - check here for a list of the new admins
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