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THN software updates
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 12 June 2006

Just a short little note to say the forum software and the CMS software. If there is any problems, let me know by posting a thread or by sending me a PM. Read more to find out the more interesting and technical stuff...that's if you are really interested!

You are probably looking down the front page and thinking "Another update?" Well in the last month there has been a lot of updates. First there was the server update to MySQL 4.1 and PHP 4.4 - That wasn't an easy upgrade, as the THN server is used not just for hosting the THN , but about 15 other users as well, who like me, use it for their email and webpages.

Why wasn't the upgrade easy? Well going from MySQL 4.0 to 4.1 is *not* an easy job. When it came to import the databases, there was some duplicate key errors, and guess which DB's did they effect? Yes all mine, but after some investigation the problem was resolved. I hear didn't you test the import? Yes I did...guess what it worked perfectly...Do I love configuration management issues.

Then when we re-started the webserver, there was some strange crashes in libc and apache, and webpages where not appearing in random cases. After bit of help from the fellow system admin Jon, he recompiled some libraries and many other things as well, we fixed it.  (BTW Jon doesn't play Neocron, but he's a cool guy!)

So that was the mass upgrade of core software in May, which explained the downtime of a day, instead of a few hours.

Then there was an outstanding Joomla upgrade which runs this site. They decided to change the way the cookies for Remember me work, which slightly broke the forums and the rares DB Remember me feature, the problem has been identified and a fix devised, which will go on this week after the latest software cycle upgrade, which this time is the latest versions of Joomla and phpBB. (And trust me there is a new feature in Joomla that will make me and Tratos very happy!)

Once the remember me problems are fixed, I can finally get on with some new stuff for the Rares DB, which include:-

  • AJAX functionality being added to the edit form.
  • Complete a rare (Search for parts to complete your Rare)
  • Logging of completed items.
  • And some more features as well...

Stay safe out there!

Brammers - THN Adminstrator.



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