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THN Cave Guides Launched
Written by CMaster   
Tuesday, 28 November 2006
Added a new section to the THN today, that should grow it times to come - the Cave Guides. These should grow to cover most of the zone's native caves over the next few weeks, and perhaps the one-off special locations after that. THN gains another section to the neocron resources it hosts: the Cave Guides. As of right now, it consists of the Crystal Caves (Mountains) and Village Storages (Grasslands). In the coming weeks it should hopefully expand to cover the Swamp Caves (Swamps), Chaos Caves (canyons) and Worm Tunnels (Desert).  After that perhaps I'll tackle some of the special locations. Comments? Complaints? Corrections? Put them on the THN forums here. Want to write your own - go ahead, although it would be appreciated if you can keep a similar format before submitting.
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