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The Prophecy Network Closes (Repost)
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Prophecy Network announced on the 18th of January 2011 that it was closing and on the 25th January 2011, the site closed.

Since then, quite a few people asked what was posted, so here are copies of the closing announcements from myself and other Prophecy Network staff members.

Please note: The Tech Haven Network is not closing and has no plans to close.

What Brammers wrote...

It is with regret that I have to announce the closure of the Prophecy Network.

We have been around since the first rumours for Black Prophecy came about in October 2006, and we were excited by the first screenshot first revealed in July 2007, which lead to the Prophecy Network being the first fansite to formally open in August 2007.

A lot changes in 4 years, both in expectations of the game, and also of life – it has for me. However now is the time to move on.

I’ve been proud to been part of the experience of running the Prophecy Network. However it couldn’t have been done with the help of the following people. Tratos, Delphi, CMaster, nEo-1664, Milhouse, StevenJ, Chris and Nova for their help in setting up and running the site.

Also a big thanks to all the members and fans of the Prophecy Network for all your support.

Finally to Reakktor and Gamigo. Good luck with the game, I hope Black Prophecy is a success for you, and also thanks for your support.

The Prophecy Network website will remain open for about a week, before the site is removed. Any other fansites wanting to make copies of articles or pages, please get in touch with us. Please note custom code, custom graphics or raw database dumps will not be available for both copyright reasons and data protection reasons.

Be safe out there in the depths of space, you will still find some of us still playing in Beta, whether it’s Tyi or Genide.

Other members of the Prophecy Network may be leaving their own messages.

You can contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it TPN Forums ThreadOfficial BP Forums Thread - Social Groups area.

Signing out - Brammers.

What Tratos Wrote.

Really sad to see the Prophecy Network come to a close after working on it with an awesome team on and off for so long. Many an hour of procrastination was spent on the CSS and Graphics found around the site. The closure is a hard choice we've discussed for an awfully long time and so it must come to this. I may see you around in-game once open beta comes along and time permits, if not you'll always find me at the THN. Best of luck to Reakktor and Gamigo, for any devs reading this - make it awesome so you can make Neocron 3 even better!

To our own little community, thank you.

What Delphi Wrote.

Alas it is time for us to say goodbye, I know this has been a decision that we have all been discussing the last few weeks. It has been fun being part of the first Black Prophecy fansites, setting up the first wiki, and spending long hours discussing the direction of the website with Brammers and Tratos.

I would like to thank the excellent support we received from Dynamedion, Rocketbox for the fantastic exclusive interviews we were able to release to you, the reader, well before Black Prophecy was really on anyones radar, and of course to the help and support given by ReaKKtor and Gamigo themselves.

I wish all of Gamigo and ReaKKtor all the best with their endeavours into space, and hope we will soon hear more about their return to land (and Neocron 3 of course ;) ). The final thanks of course should go to Brammers, Tratos, CMaster, nEo and Milhouse, who have all been excellent people to work with bringing this site to life, and of course, you the reader!

On that note you might find me occasionally in space in BP (make sure to shoot me first!), and potentially even back to my grass roots of Neocron.




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