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The current plans for the THN
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 30 May 2015

Last week I said I would post up what I have planned for the THN in the future, so here is a rough plan. Why a rough plan, well for many reasons. The main reason is trying to keep the THN in step with what the NST is doing to Neocron. Also this list isn't an exact order. If you are expecting timescales, I'm not going to give any exact times.

Items DB - As some of you know, the NST are changing the implants and armour on the Neocron test server, which will mean a massive update to the items DB. A rewrite from scratch is in progress, and a few people have did a little bit of testing. Some of the main changes include moving the whole Items DB to it's own domain and decoupling it completely from the CMS system that runs the THN main site. Also registered users will be able to submit item updates. A more detailed post will be posted soon hopefully with a URL for you to try and visit.

The THN Wiki - One of the main problems with the wiki is having to register to use it when you already have a THN login to the Rares DB and the THN forums.  Also it will get an upgrade to the latest wiki software and also changes to various integrations to the THN and NC.

The THN main website - The CMS software and version is pretty old and it does need replacing, but it isn't an easy job due to the Items DB being part of the CMS. Once the Items DB has been replaced, we can look at moving to a new CMS/Publishing solution. Before then, we do need some articles moving off which belong in the NC wiki, so expect to see requests for help updating articles over the coming months.

Other bits - The Rares DB will get an upgrade along with the forum system. However these are low priority projects.

Got any questions, feel free to ask on our Facebook page or start a thread in the THN forums or the NC forums .

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