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New URL for the THN forums
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 11 September 2006
On Saturday 16th September 2006 the URL for the forums will be changing from http://www.techhaven.org/forum to http://forum.techhaven.org To allow a smooth transistion the forums will be offline during the move from between 09:00GMT to 18:00GMT

Why is the URL changing?

It's mainly to allow some of the code that runs the THN to be seperated. There is about 1,000+ files and 3 major peices of software that run the THN which isn't the easiest thing in the world to track.

In the future, the forum will be upgraded to a completely new version of software. (Either phpBB3 or SMF 1.1, but this has not been finalised yet.)

Will you delete any old accounts?

It is planned to remove about 150 accounts that have not been activated. Most of these are spambots, so we wont miss them anyway. ;)

What about my autologin?

Some users have the "Log me on automatically each visit" option enabled. This should work as normal, when the URL changes, but there is the chance that it wont, so make sure your email address is upto date and you know your password.

What about the Rares DB?

The Rares DB will be available as normal during the upgrade.

Will the old URL still work?

For the first few weeks, either a webpage or redirect will be put in to point users to the new location, however this is yet to be finalised.

I have a question...

Please reply to this thread.

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