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Neocron Google Search Engine
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Thanks to the power of Google Custom Search Engines , there is a search engine that will search any Neocron website that is known to us.

Update: Over the last few days, the engine has been tweaked a bit. Click on read more. 

First of all, a request to seperate the results into 3 languages, was requested. This I did, but some sites are marked in two or three languages. Sites like the neocron forums, don't have a clear seperation of lanaguage in the URL, so it's not possible to fully seperate the results.

Also to get the Google code into Joomla was a bit of a hack, since Joomla (Sensibly) strips Javascript. I've written a plugin to overcome this hack, so the rest of the THN website team can edit the search and results pages if needed, and add a search box, like to this page!

For the search engine to be effective and return relevant results, it has a whitelist of sites which it only searches. Everything else is ignored, so if you have a site, that you think is not listed let the THN know in this thread.


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