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Rares DB Version 2.0.0 Released
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 22 September 2007

After several months of work, the Rares DB Verion 2.0.0 has been released. Here is the screenshots of the new fearures.

A big thanks to Delphi, Nova, Cmaster, Tratos, Tubby133, StevenJ,Matan, Herrad, Dribble Joy, Pantho and Abeyance. Big thanks to StevenJ who worked on the original concept and code for the Xfire Neocron detection.

Also thanks to anyone who I've missed that has help on this project.

New Rares Editor

The editor is completely redesigned. How many times have you closed the editor by mistake. Or in my case, hit the back button to loose your edits. If your browser is AJAX compatible, all edits are saved on the go. Also you can now record how many built items you have in storage.


New Rares and Parts Listing page 

The rares and parts listing page has been revamped. It now shows what weapon needs what sort of parts, and it links into the THN Items DB via the XML feeds.



New search feature 

You can now search for parts to help complete that rare item. If you are logged in, it shows you the current stock levels of your parts collection. Please note that password protected lists are not searchable.


Rares comparsion 

A new rares list comparision is available, which will help you to identify possible trades. It will flag up possible trade oportunies, so you can now say to traders "Hey want to swap that Creed part for that Ray of god part"



Link into the THN Items DB

The rares DB now links into the Item DB. And if the Item DB is updated, the XML feed provided the updated Item data to the Rares D.


Xfire Support

Support for X-Fire has been added. You can now see when traders are online, and if they are playing Neocron (Or some other game!)


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