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Rares DB: Version 1.35
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 19 June 2006

You are reading this and going, where is the 1.34 release? Well click on Read More, but the 1.35 release is a bugfix release to stop the loss of special characters like £ and € from disappearing in your rares titles and contact information.

Thanks to Tratos who flagged up the issue and also helped with testing to resolve this issue.

So why is 1.34 not here? Well I was working on 1.34 with thr new Ajax functions, when Tratos found he could not post a £ sign in his posts, and the text was getting truncated after the £. Same problem was occuring on the Rares DB as well.

Since I'm not 100% happy with the Ajax changes yet, and data loss issue are big problems there was no way I was going to use 1.34 codebase to fix the character problems.

Since the THN is kept under source control using Subversion, I took a copy of the current stable rares DB version 1.33 and branched it. I used that copy and called it 1.35 but it didn't have the Ajax changes in it.

I then put the fixes to sort the character issues out, not an easy job I tell you, but at least everything in the chain talks UTF-8 now.

So when I get back to v1.34 I'll sort the AJAX fixes out, and then bump that to version 1.36 and merge the changes from 1.35 in. Should be easy with Subversion I hope!

Now...to fix the forums.....

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