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Rares DB: Version 1.30
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 21 February 2006

First of all, my apologies for this bug fix release of the Rares DB. Unfortunately bugs do creep in to any software project, and the Rares DB is no exception. I try my 100% best to ensure none creep in, but I did find one.

What is the bug?

The bug effects new users setting up the Read Only access to their Rares List. You are most likely to be effected if you use Mars, Mercury or Neptune.

This is also likely to result in a 404 error when you are trying to access your Rares list.

How was the bug discovered?

The bug was discovered during an audit of the data, I noticed some values in fields that should not normally be possible.

A code review revealed the data for the user preferred server and PM preferences was being written to the database the wrong way around, only when the user first sets up the read access.

What should I do if I think I’m effected?

1. Log in to the Rares DB, and click on Options.
2. Select the “Read Access” button. Verify all the data is correct. The important things to check are the Prefered server and, the “Default server for your URL”,  “Select servers to allow access to” and “Allow users to contact you” option.
3. Click on “Save” It is important you click on “Save” and not “Cancel”

Are you doing anything to fix the problems?

I am running data queries on the database to identify problems and fix the problems. So far only 4 users have been effected.

If there is any problems please PM me on the Tech Haven Network or the Official Forums (Username Brammers)

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