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Rares DB: Version 1.29
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 11 February 2006

The rares DB has been upgraded to version 1.29. There has been a lot of code changes behind the scenes to also new features to be added in future versions. Here is the list of main changes. Any issues please report them in this thread.

- Import and Export options are now accesable from the Options menu.
- You can now quickly filter complete items by server and by item in the filters.
- Read access list now has a title option so you can now add a title to your rares lists.
- Blue pages added - lists all active traders using the rares DB.
- Fixed various CSS issue's with Firefox on the rares editing screen.

The Blue pages is a list of active traders for each server. You can show all inactive traders, and you will see that some people dont have a last updated date. This is becuase the Rares DB didn't record updates until version 1.25 which was released in November 2005. If you don't wish to be listed in the blue pages, please untick "List in the THN Blue Pages" which can be found on the Read Access page - Click on Options and Click on Read Access.

There has also been a lot of code changes behind the scenes. This is to allow the next major feature to be put in, which will be the complete a rare feature - you will be able to search traders for parts to build your rare!

Finally, I would like to thank Tratos, Delphi, Dr J Zoidberg and [TgR]Killer for testing the Rares DB and providing feedback.


1.30 - Due in next 2 weeks - this will be a compatibility release for PHP4.4 and MySQL 4.1
1.31 - Complete a Rare - Within the next month.
1.32 and beyond - watch this space!

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