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Rares DB: Version 1.25
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 13 November 2005
This release is a feature release, with some new little features added for the read only access feature.

- You can now seen when the rares list was updated. The time and date is added to both the read only version of the rares list, and your own private version.

- For the read only list, you can now add contact information. (Such as DM me on this character and also I only want to trade these parts for that part sort of information.)

- A "Send Private Message" link can be shown. This will send a message via the Tech Haven Network Forums to the owner of the list. To use this feature you do need to have a Tech Haven Network Login.

The above two new options have been added to the Read Only options screen. To use them, please login and select Options and then Read Access. For exisiting users, the PM option is turned off, and the contact information is left blank.

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