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Rares DB Item updates
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 01 April 2007
The Tech Haven Rares Database has just had a bit of a Database cleanup for Evo 2.2 Some items have been removed as a result.

The following have been removed.

1. AHP of Raptor - You no longer need a AHP to build one.
2. There was confusion betweeen the Unprotector and Anti Protector which are the same item in the THN rares DB. So it has been decided to remove all Unprotector (Aka Crahn Antibuff in 2.1) from the rares DB.  You will need to verify your parts list against the Rares DB.
3. The ATP for the Anti Protector has been removed. It's a TL84 item, which does not require a ATP part.

The Crahn Holy Catharsis will be removed in due course, and possibly the F24.88 Flamethrower, but since 3 people have parts, it may be a rare item as well as a Black Dragon FDB item.

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