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Items DB 1.5.0 Released
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 26 June 2008

Have you ever wonder which smuggler sells the Tangent Mini Rocketlauncher  . Or you need to know where else you can buy the HEW Advanced War Drone RK-1000   drone when your Soullight is bad? (Hold your mouse over the little i icon to see the item information.)

With the help of the wiki, and the new item DB linking feature, wiki pages can be now linked up to items.

A big thanks has to go to Reaction, Logan Ford,  and Biglines,  who went and collected information on what each smuggler and vendor sells and added it to the wiki.

Not all the vendors are listed in the wiki, so please be patience while the vendor pages are compiled, or better still help out on the wiki .

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