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Items DB 1.3.0
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 22 April 2007

The Item DB 1.3.0 has been released, with a bunch of new features for searching, and improvements to the display output.

A note about the update for Neocron 2.2, we are marking any group as 2.2 meaning it has been updated for Neocron 2.2, and also anything marked as 2.1 has not been updated. 

For the full details, please click on Read More. 


The aim of the 1.3.x release is to allow new functionality to be easily added. Also it is intended to add more functionality and validation to the admin backend.

There has a cleanup of the internal code so to make it easier in the future to add any new functionality. There was quite a bit of refactoring of classes and moving functions around. Some code has been updated to PHP5, so that means the code will no longer work with PHP4.

So over the next few releases, look forward to some new export functions.

Item listing updates

- Duration information displayed for items like drugs.
- No of Passengers shown on vehicle listings
- Recycle status icon, to flag an item is made by recycling.
- Hacknet drop icon added.
- Added Phoenix NC hacknet database.
- Tweaked FSM icon description for items available from all factions.
- Added new catergories - FSM items, FDB items.
- Legacy groups are no longer listed on the drop down menu.


- New quick search for the Item DB - The results may not be perfect, but the search index will be tweaked over the next few releases to imrpoved the results.

Please note: The search engine only searches current items only. It will not search Legacy or removed items.

Ultimate Launcher Searching

- A search plugin has been added to allow users of the the Ultimate Launcher to search the Item DB ingame. This option is undergoing testing, and will be enabled soon. What the news pages for further updates.


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