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Items Database - Version 1.1.7
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 10 December 2006

Item's DB 1.1.7 has been finally released. This release adds the missing editor in the administration backend, so finally we can process all those item updates!

Over the next week, I will be making a 2nd site for holding the Ev2.2 updates, but there will be updates to the 2.1 Items DB first, as there are a lot of broken images to fix.

Visual Changes

- Changes last updated date to Date added (1.1.0)
- Added new field - Date updated.  (1.1.0)
- Moved special handling to a different URL /db/view (eg http://www.techhaven.org/db/view/missing-images) (Note: URL was /db/task in V1.1.0 has changed in 1.1.1 to /db/view/)
- Mr Jones items now list the profession on the icon and link to available quest articles (1.1.3)
- Removed items are now viewable. (1.1.4)
- Items with pending updates are flagged with a icon. (1.1.4)
- Fixed issues with line break and skils with a hyphen in them (Like T-C) (1.1.6)
- Improved drop down menu and added groups. (1.1.6)

Behind the scenes changes

- Added Google Sitemap (1.1.0)
- Interfaced Xajax Library to code (http://www.xajaxproject.org/)  (1.1.1)
- Added a new DB Layer to allow transaction control  (1.1.1)
- Changed all item DB tables to InnoDB type tables  (1.1.1)
- Added a shitload of support code for the backend editors  (1.1.1)
- Fixed FDB tables and code to allow more than one faction per item (1.1.2)
- Fixed FSM tables and code to allow more than one faction per item (1.1.2)
- Added article information to Mr Jones tables (1.1.3)
- Added profession types (1.1.3)

Admin changes

- Added Control Panel for Items DB (1.1.1)
- Added Epic items editor (1.1.1)
- Added Quest items editor (1.1.1)
- Added FSM items editor (1.1.2)
- Added FDB items editor (1.1.2)
- Added paging support to Epic,FSM,FDB and quest editors (1.1.2)
- Added Faction filtering to FSM and FDM editors (1.1.2)
- Added Mr Jones editor (1.1.3)
- Added Item editor (1.1.4-1.1.7)


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