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Items Database - Version 0.4
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 05 October 2006

Right most of the evening was spent refactoring the code and classes. The result is, it's a lot easier for me to work with the data now, and this has allowed me to add information to each item, such as if it's a FSM item, what faction epic it is etc...

I've also added the code to load the parts data, but there was a bit of a performance hit with the SQL query. With a bit of tweeking I've managed.

- Refactored code considerable
- Added FSM item data
- Added FDB item data
- Moved icons to it's own column
- Added epic item data
- Added parts data (Currently not shown, until the single item code is written)

Whats next

The main tasks for me tomorrow is get the single item information page working, and to redesign the maun items page.

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