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Items Database - Version 0.3
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 04 October 2006

Today there was a lot code changes that didn't result in many visable changes. I'm hoping either this Thursday or Friday to release the URL for public beta testing.

- Added icons designed by Darkana - Many thanks for your help there Darkana!
- Did a few tweeks to the CSS and template generator
- "Installed" the code into Joomla, so it's now in it's security model
- Added a OpenSEF module so it produces nice friendly urls without loads of crap in them
- Installed the code to live server.

Whats next?

Well the main page which lists the categories is going for a complete revamp. I've had a lot of feedback on this page, with plenty of suggestions for improvements.

Also I need to get the page up that brings up detailed information on each item in a form of a popup and it's own page.

Cya tomorrow!

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