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Item DB updates!
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 09 April 2007

You are all going probably screaming "ARGH THE ITEMS DB is EMPTY!"

It's not. Myself and a few other helpful people are going around checking the items ingame to make sure they are correct 2.2. This will be done over the next few weeks. 

Sections Done.

Drones (Missing the Punisher and Mosquito)
Hacknet Software (All done - thanks for Cmaster for his raid on the Phoenix NC DB)
Bone Implants
Tradeskill Gloves and PSI Gloves (Done - Thanks Judge for the CAG2 stats)
Vehicles - 90% Done
Stealth and hack tools - Done

Sections current in Progress

Anything that is being updated is current hidden - so we can track what needs to be found. 

All Rifles
All Pistols
All Melee
All Heavy Weapons

Last updated: 19:48 BST 9-Apr 2007 

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