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Item DB 1.4.3 Released
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 21 April 2008
A new version of the Item DB has been released. This release features a few minor enhancements and fixes to the Item DB, and a lot of fixes and enhacements to the THN API.

Item DB fixes and enhancements

Some minor browser and formating fixes
- IE7 and Firefox users - updated CSS style sheet, so that all PNG images have a black background colour.
- IE6 users - If the image is a PNG image, it is converted to a GIF image.
- Improved dateadded/updated date information on detailed item displays.
- Updated all Jquery files to the latest and greatest versions in most cases, and also all .pak.js files have - been changed to .min.js files - this should improve loading time on older browsers.
- Rewrote the Joomla mambot THN API parser, so you can now use the same style of commands from the wiki in Joomla pages
- New section added - THN API - See the THN API menu at the bottom of the http://www.techhaven.org/db/ page
- Added option to toggle the showing and hiding of Item ID's in item listings
- Link added to THN API documentation
- List of item groups added

THN API changes

All the THN API Chanages can be found on this page in the Wiki - please see the release notes in the wiki
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