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Item GFX - 1st preview release
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 23 March 2008

Mightymax has released the 1st public preview of ItemGFX, which allows you to legally change the ingame graphic icons, so you can now change that Stealth tool graphic to a decent looking stealth tool.

Link to the first public preview Discussion threads can be found here on the THN or here on the Official forums , and also the Unex Forums .

Here is a few notes from MightyMax.

t is not complete yet. Documentation is missing for the most parts. And it might throw a couple of problems. But well you'll be able to create your own images and apply them to neocron.

The restrictions right now:
- It requires .# access to native libs, and thus need to be run as an priviledged user
- It needs write access rights to <neocron>\gfx to create a new folder and put the images in
- After an item-image was updated, the image is not displayed correctly in the browser (Unable to read out the format)
- Automatic armor requirement calculation is not yet done
- Most itemtypes have no item details yet
- It requires you to ALT-TAB out of Neocron to the Browser to install the images
- If Neocron crashes while the Browser is active, it stops responding. Kill it
- Same goes for manual close of Neocron
- Does most likely not work on Windows x64 Systems
- Does not work with Windows 95,98,ME,NT

The scripting abilities (package creation) will be documented in the future. For now just take a look into the Stealth.cs Script.

Important: Read the Readme.txt in the zip file.

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