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Drones are DEX-based remote-piloted vehicles. When you first "fire" one, your point of view changes to the drone's, rendering you unable to move or to see or hear what's happening to your body when it's out of sight. Drones do not require aiming time; if your cursor is over the target from when you click until the shot is fired, you are at full accuracy.

  • Lightweight Drones: Fragile, low speed, short flight range drones that are basically equivalent in attack to a 7.62mm rifle.
  • Scout Drones: Have no ability to cause damage, but fly high and fast, have OK hit points, and when you pull the trigger they toggle back and forth between regular vision and 2x zoom.
  • Fast, Light Drones: There are drone versions of the assault rifle, gatlin rifle, laser rifle, and plasma rifle. All of them fly high, and fast, but cause very little damage per shot, have limited ammunition, and very few hit points.
  • Heavy, Slow Drones: There are drone versions of the rocket launcher, fusion rifle or cannon, and raygun cannon, plus one special drone that looks like a rocket launcher when it fires but has even longer range, better accuracy, high damage, but no area effect. None of these drones will fly any higher than about 10 feet off the ground, they have a very short flight range, and they move very slowly, but they have lots of hit points.
  • Ion Drones: A compromise between the two: very good flight range, mediocre weapon range, very good damage per shot. These are the only drones that aren't super-vulnerable to fire damage.
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