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Air Vehicles
Written by CMaster & BradSTL   

Basic Driving Mechanics

There are too different control methods for aircraft, one for the gliders and another for the DoY Hover aircraft. For the glider, direction you are looking controls the direction of flight. Foward fire the thrusters and back decellerates. The gliders do however lack the power for a simple flatland take off - its necessary to find a bump or cliff to knock you into the air, before flying away. The DoY carrier and Bomber have a somewhat odder control method. Foward again fires the thrusters, while looking side to side steers left and right. However, looking up or down controls the angle of the thrusters. Its somewhat strange, but with practice is quite controllable. As with the armed ground vehicles, all the weaponry is of frankly questionable use when compared to handheld weapons since 2.2

Air Vehicle Directory
DOY Scout
Driver Reqs: VHC=45
Availability: DoY Smuggler
Description: It flys around at a fair old pace and can take you places that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get to. Unarmed, so its combat use seems limited - but thats until you've seen a sniper stood next to his glider on the highest mountain in the canyons. Also the cheapest glider, so given their fragility a good one to learn how to fly in.  

Assault Glider
Driver Reqs: STR:92 H‑C:111 VHC:48  
Availability: DoY Smuggler
Description: Like the scout, save it fires a barrage of rockets against the target. Reportedly easiest to use against ariel targets, so fun against the bomber mobs in TH country. Its speed (flies like the scout) makes it damn difficult to hit by anything, but then the slow reticle 
  NEXT Air Guard v1.1
Driver Reqs: DEX:76 R‑C:103 VHC:55   
Availability: ASG Shops
Description: Again, a maouverable one seater like the Scout, but in this case packing a 7.62 mm airpressure machine gun, probably the easieest to aim of the glider weapons.

  NEXT Observer Prototype v0.2
Driver Reqs: VHC:45
Passenger Seats: 1  
Availability: DoY Smuggler
Description: A 2 seater glider. Somewhat heavier, and hence more ungainly to fly than the single seaters, but unquestionably the quickest way to carry a non-driving friend around the map.
DOY Advanced Scout
Driver Reqs: VHC:45
Gunner Reqs: STR:98 H‑C:114  
Availability: DoY Smuggler
Description: The tail gunner drops bombs directly below (no allowance for momentum) the glider. Makes hunting fun but somewhat impractical - requires a combination of good flying by the pilot and spot-on timing by the gunner. As a 2 seater, lacks the manoverability of the single seat gliders

Advanced Assault Glider
Driver Reqs: STR:82 H‑C:106 VHC:48  
Gunner Reqs: STR:98 H‑C:114 
Availability: DoY Smuggler
Description: Packing a 20mm cannon on the front, and a bomb launcher on the back, this is the best armed of the gliders by far.

DOY Hoverbomber
Driver Reqs: VHC:105 
Gunner Reqs: STR:82 H‑C:106
Bomber Reqs: STR:86 H‑C:108 
Availability: FA FSM

Description: The big one. Probably the biggest and most powerful vehcile there is. Flies in a 'hover' style rather than the plane-like method of the gliders - as a result you can park over something and bomb away, although the lower strength requirements suggests taht the bombs here are less powerful than those on the gliders. The ease and frequency with which you can land hits more than makes up for this though, as does the benefit of a 20mm cannon on the front, to provide fire support.

DOY Hovercarrier
Driver Reqs: VHC:105 
Gunner Reqs: STR:82 H‑C:106  
Passenger Seats: 6
Availability: TG FSM

Description: Flies like the bomber, has a gun like the bomber and can carry a whole load of people. Still, a VERY impressive sight, much like the bomber and the 20mm cannon is a real force to be reckoned with. If you need to get 6/7 people to a remote location, this is the way to do it, and the 20mm cannon means that you don't go defenseless either.

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