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Recycling Guide


Recycling is a skill with two valuable qualities: The ability to put things together and the ability to take them apart. The quality of your 'constructed' items and the quantity of items 'returned' are based on your skill. Saving money on Ammunition, Medkits, Boosters, and a number of other things is a self-sufficient skill that most every runner should have!

Why bother to recycle?

If you're currently buying your Medkits, Ammunition, PSI or Stamina Boosters, or Drugs, think about how much you're spending on them. It can really add up. Using a lot of the junk found on common mobs, you can create more of these items from an original, a process known as cloning. Various junk yeilds different quantities of the item you're trying to clone, depending on the original item's Tech Level.

To recycle, you will require a recycling tool, these come in TL 30-150 and range from 4k to 1.7 million credits (without barter). You will also require recycle skill, which is found at the bottom of the dexterity skill. As mentioned before, the higher the recycle skill you have, the better the quailty of your creations will be, the more likely you are to have slots, and the more
you can make.

As a base, 35 skill points in recycle will do, as this allows you to recycle most junk items and make trophies.

The next step is simply gathering junk to recycle, these are often found in boxes, in mobs, and by destroying vehicles, the most common are: Metal Plates, Metal Pipes, Wood, Wire, Computer junk, Limbs, Energy generators and various other items.

The trick to recycling is simple, just get some of each junk and place it in your process window (f7) along with your tool ( you also require some recycling fluid (available from most chemical vendors at your HQ) which can just be placed in your inventory (f2). The hit go.. anything that is used will be displayed in your process window.. make note of what is used and what it makes as this could come in handy later. Anything that isn't used will be placed back in your inventory.

Some junk recipes i have found are:
Good Lazar Gun (pistol): 2 metal plates, 1 metal pipe, 3 wood.
Good Lazar Rifle (rifle): 1 metal pipe, 5 wood.
Good Junk knife: 1 metal pipe, 2 wire, 1 wood.
Metal Plated Armour vest 2: 4 metal plates, 3 metal pipes ( an armour
vest 1 can also be made by removing either 1 plate or 1 pipe, i can't

Trophies are basically the same, junk and one more important item...
the carcass or carapace of an animal. These look basically like a
miniature of the animal you kill and are found in the loot window.
They spawn randomly, so don't expect to find one every time you kill

Now place the tool, carcass and some junk into the process window and hit go.
Remember, like with general recycling, different items need different
combinations, so just keep trying if you don't get it right first
time, and make sure you have plenty of the junk to make more.

These are some of the trophies I've made myself, and found some of the
other junk items listed above.

Terror Raptor trophy: 1 Terror Raptor carcass, 2 wood, 1 metal pipe, 2
metal plate.
Reaper Spider Tarophy: 1 Reaper Spider carcass, 3 metal plate, 2 wood.
Chaos creeper trophy: 1 Chaos creeper carcass, 2 plate, 3 wood.

There are many others to get, but only the biggest ones generally drop
the carcasses, although there are some smaller animals that drop them,
like the wolf and Drom.

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