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Implanting Guide


This guide is intended to give a clear guide to implanting, both as a client and as the implanter.

Why use implants? Why become an Implanter?

You have seen them in the shops, people are always trading them, why not do it yourself? The benefits are enormous, in this harsh world, you need everything you can get to survive, run faster, land shots in someone's temple at 50 yards under heavy fire and shrug off lethal x-ray blasts that would kill a normal person.

As a result, implants are highly sought after and those who can fix them in are too. Though not as serious a trade as construction or research, there is a decent financial incentive to become an implanter, with the added bonus of being able to put your own in without paying some other mangy Street Doc to do it.. not that you'll be one of those of course!

The Lingo

'Poke': The main phrase used to describle implanting in all it's forms. 'Need a poke', 'Is there a poker here', etc..

'Gel': Not much of a slang word, but in this context it means Implant Disinfectant Gel, essential for all implanting.

'Imp': Not a type of small daemon, but rather more suprisingly, a shortening of implant.

Tools of the Trade

The following things are the bare essentials of what you need:



Personal Implant Tool: The tool required to implant something into yourself. Models start at TechLevel 30 and end at the TechLevel 150 tool which costs as much as a high class appartment.

Remote Implant Tool: Does the job as the Personal Tool, but for use on other people. Models start at TechLevel 30 and end at the TechLevel 150 tool, however, at the time of this guide's creation, you only need a TL30 Remote Tool to poke in all implants.


Implant Disinfectant Gel: Availiable from nearly any tool shop. Comes in 20 or 200 packs.

Here are some items that will help improve your implant skill::

Implant Machina Glove: A gauntlet designed to improve the users inherrant implanting skills. Requires a considerable amount of brain power to make use of however (60 INT).

Nightspider: This drug is definitely one of Black Dragon's finest. When taken, it will add a whopping +16 to your implant skill, among other effects and will last up to 10 minutes! Beware of the drug flash however, this boost comes with a small price.

Crahn Spy CombatBooster - The boost from a Spy Combat Booster also adds to the Implant Ability. Spy 1 adds +4, Spy 2 adds +8, and a Spy 3 adds +16. Each boost should last for approximately 10 minutes.

Special Science CPU - A high-level tech-part implant, this chip would give +5 imp, as wellas all sorts of other bonuses (Construction, Dexterity, Intelligence, Recycling, Repairng, Research) with no penalities. However with an INT of 84 required, you'll either need to be near your cap or wired with INT implants to be able to put it in. Get this implant from the BioTech Faction Database in HackNet.
AREA MC5 Hawking Chip - And you thought the SS chip was hard enough to get! This chip, although requiring an INT of 95, gives exactly the same bonuses as the SS chip. What's the use of it then? Well imagine the bonuses of an SS chip AGAIN when both are in your head... This CPU is constructed from parts looted off the MC5 Base Commander in the MC5 Facility.

And last but not least:

An implant: To implant!

A person: To implant!

How it works:

Personal Implanting

In order to implant an implant into one's self, you need certain requirements:

  • Implant skill (IMP, under INT), equal or higher than the TechLevel of the implant you wish to implant.
  • Enough Implant Disinfection Gel (Implanting uses (as far as I am aware) as much substance as the other tradeskills, so a maximum of 51 per poke).
  • A personal implant tool of equal or higher TL as the implant you wish to implant.

With the Implant Disinfection Gel in your Inventory (F2), simply drag the implant into any of your implant slots, no matter which, it will go into the right one (you can even drag them into an armour slot!), your tool will automagically be moved into your processor along with the implant and the corresponding amount of gel removed from the amount in your inventory. The process will begin and you simply have to wait for it to work.

Remote Implanting

For the Client:
Similar to personal implanting, however you only need the implant and the gel. Simply put the implant into your Processor Window (F7), then ask for the implanter to implant the implant. A common way of indicating you wish to be implanted to to simply kneel in front of the implanter.

For the Implanter:
Again, you need a tool and skill equal or greater than the client's implant (otherwise you will get a message saying you need a higher subskill). Then put your tool in your QuickBelt and pull it out, and "fire" it at the client. You should get a message indicating the implanting process has begun along with a clicking sound you will surely grow to love ;)

Otherwise, the implanting process cannot fail unless the client stops it. The time taken for the implant to be fixed in is dependant on the TechLevel of the item. The TL 115 MC5 chips will take several minutes.

Removing Implants

This requires no skill on behalf of the user, or tool, simply drag the implant into your inventory and the process will begin. You will need gel though. Caution: They will lose a small amount of condition too, around 4%!

The Exception to the Rule

The Law Enforcer CPU takes no skill to implant or remove. It takes approximately 8 minutes for the LE to come in or go out so as not to be exploited mid-fight, and cannot be implanted after you reach a base level of 30 if you have taken it out.

What about when I die?

When you die and you are ressurected in the blasphemous electric whytch-fires of the Gen-Rep system, a random number of your implants will fall out. When they do so, they will lose a small amount of condition (more so than when you remove them) and drop into your inventory. THEY WILL NOT DROP IN A BELT. They only pop out when you use the GR, if you are ressurected by a PPU, they will all be there.

How to go about being a poker?

Be prepared to travel, many people will need implanting all over the place and may not want to move while they wear off their Synaptic Impairment (SI). Also, advertise like the corporate whore that you know you are! A good place to do this from is Tech Haven, if people know where you are, they know where to GR to when they die for a good poking.

A common call of mine is 'Poking TL 115 in TH'.

Who make the best pokers?

Irrelevant question really, though those who can spare the most points in INT will win out. You don't need anymore than 115 in IMP at current, and you only need a base skill of 80 to reach that (Nightspider, a Spy1 Boost, and a glove). So it is a secondary skill that almost any pistol using PE or spy can use. Many full-time traders can dabble in it, as do many PPUs.

Poke for Victory!!

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