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Patch 183
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 08 May 2013

Another patch very quickly on the heels on 182. This patch was released late in the evening on Monday 6th May 2013. You can continue to discuss the patch in this thread .


  • City Administration have re-enabled the Law Enforcer tax in order to raise funds to increase the security of the Inner City (cash gain reduction). Due to the extra computational strain on the Law Enforcer, Runners may experience a sensation of light headedness while engaging in mentally stimulating activities (XP reduction)
  • A malus has been activated reducing the amount of experience and money earned by players with a Law Enforcer.
    • A reduction in earned experience becomes active once a runner reaches a base rank of /30, beyond this level the reduction increases to a maximum of 25% at a base rank of /60 and above.
    • A reduction in earned cash becomes active once a Runner reaches a combat rank of 30/, beyond this level the reduction increases to 50% at a combat rank of 60 and above.

    • Snow has been removed from all weather patterns. Missing weather patterns, such as thunder storms, have been restored.

    • Additional CopBots have been stationed at zone lines and in other important locations in Plaza Sector 1, 2, 3 & 4
    • A STORMbot is now on duty in Plaza 3 at the zone line to Pepper Park.
    • City Administration guards are stationed outside of City Administration HQ. Enemy runners will be shot on sight.
    • Windows in Archer & Wesson in Plaza Sector 2 are now solid.
    • Preventative measures have been installed to prevent CopBots falling into the pool in Plaza Sector 2.

    • CopBots have been removed from Pepper Park Sectors 1, 2 & 3. At the request of NExT, CopBots in the Subway entrances will stay at their posts a little while longer.
    • Apartment smuggler's position has been fixed.

    • Duplicate epic NPCs have been removed from Outzone Sector 8.
    • Position of some NPCs have been improved/fixed in Outzone Sector 8.

  • New replacement sound effects have been added for Laser Cannons, Plasma Cannons, Ionic Rifles and Apartment Access Interfaces.
  • A new RPOS color scheme is available with /set gfx_hudcolor 10
  • Further additional changes were made to assist with the implementation of new features in the future.
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