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Patch 167 & 168
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 10 December 2007

It's here! Tha patch that changes the faction relations back to the old NC1 relations is here! The thread to discuss the changes can be found here! And for the Storyline on what went wrong in the dome, go here!

And of course click on Read More for the patch notes! 


Due to several changes to the game world, all game zones had to be reset. This means that the respawn of NPCs can take some time after the application of the patch. Due to this delayed respawn, it can happen that some missions are not starting at once. We ask you for your patience if you encounter this problem and will do our best to minimize this delay. Please contact the Gamemaster team via the support system if you notice any missing NPCs.

Please use this thread to discuss the changes and report any bugs you might encounter during play and avoid any unnecessary comments or spam.


Dome of York
-All Shops and NPCs have been removed
-All Gene Replicators have been removed, except for one in the City Center
-The DoY sectors 1,3,5,7 and 9 are now PvE Dungeon sectors with according zone rules
-The DoY sectors 2,4,8 and 10 are now PvP Battlefields with according zone rules
-The former DoY City Center has been renamed to Secured DoY City Center and is now a safe zone with the last remaining active GR in the Dome of York
-The former DoY faction headquarters have been abandoned by their factions and are now PvP Battlefields with according zone rules
-Reprogrammed Copbots, that react on drawn weapons, have been placed at the Zone borders to the City Center in the neighbor sectors
-All DoY low- and mid-level dungeons have been relocated to the Outzone sectors
-The former DoY dungeon zones in the new PvE sectors have been converted into high level dungeons
-The Tiki Tornado Club has been moved to Pepper Park Sec-2
-The Electric Vibes Club has been moved to the Outzone Station

-All Screaming Horse guards have been removed from the Neocron city sectors.
-As replacement for the Screaming Horse guards in non-safe zones, Copbots that only react to drawn weapons have been placed at zone borders, Gene Replicators and apartment entrances The density of Copbots decreases the farther away from the city center you are.
-Copbots in safe-zones are no longer reacting to faction sympathy but still react to negative Soullight

Faction Headquarters
-The former DoY faction headquarters have been abandoned and the new headquarters can be found at the following locations:

Crahn - Brotherhood of Crahn Monastery in Pepper Park Sec-3
Tsunami - Tsunami Syndicate Headquarters in Pepper Park Sec-1
Black Dragon - Black Dragon Clan Headquarters in Pepper Park Sec-2
Fallen Angels - Fallen Angels Tech Core in Tech Haven Sec-2
Twilight Guardian - TG HQ in Canyon Facility
-All DoY apartment entrances have been closed down and relocated to the new Outzone Apartment Complex, which is accessible via Outzone Station. This includes all Starter, Standard and Clan apartments created prior to the application of the content update
-Newly created starter apartments of TG and FA are now located in the Outzone Apartment complex. BD, TS and Crahn starter apartments are located in Pepper Park.
-Newly created DoY style apartments are now located in the new Outzone Apartment Complex
-Newly created Clan apartments of the former DoY factions are now located as following:
 Pepper Park: Brotherhood of Crahn, Tsunami Syndicate and Black Dragon
 Tech Haven: Fallen Angels
 Canyon Facility: Twilight Guardian
-The mechanism preventing runners from activating apartment GRs in enemy territory has been deactivated

Tech Haven
-Tech Haven Sector 1,2 and 3 are no longer safe. The according zone rules are City Sector. Fallen Angels security bots and turrets were not dispatched in all areas of Tech Haven to allow non-FA players to access the mission NPCs located all over Tech Haven. The main entrance is guarded by security turrets, while it is still possible to access Tech Haven via the entrance at Tech Haven Sec-3.
-Gene Replicators, apartment entrances and designated trading areas are protected by “Reprogrammed Copbots” that only react on drawn weapons in order to uphold basic security
-The new Fallen Angels Headquarter, accessible via Tech Haven Sec-2 is a safe zone and additionally protected by Fallen Angels Security Bots and Turrets.

-A bug that was deactivating the weather including the seasonal changes has been fixed
-The spawn density in the DoY tunnels has been reduced


The faction relationships have been adjusted and are now closer to the old Neocron 1 relationships

F = Friendly
E = Enemy
N = Neutral


Adjustments have been made based on the PvE discussions with the community
-The money reward for killing Monsters/NPCs has been raised by 20%
-The health values of Monster/NPCs have been adjusted according to their class:

Level 1 - 31  -> -40 %
Level 32 – 63  -> -40 %
Level 64 – 95 -> -20 %
Level 96 – 128 -> -20 %
-The damage output of Monsters/NPCs has been adjusted according to their class:

Level 1 - 31  -> -33 %
Level 32 – 63 -> -20 %
Level 64 – 95 -> -20 %
Level 96 – 128 -> unchanged
-The Aggressor and Aggressor Captain have been rebalanced
-The attack range of Spiderbots has been reduced
-The broken DoY Assault Units have been removed from the game


-Shot radius of WoC Crossbow Pistol reduced to disable hits even if you miss the target
-A bug that made it possible to kill drones with the damage boost psi module has been fixed
-Reduced range for weapon based NPCs
-Reduced range for 'CopBot Plasma Rifle'
-Burst weapons have received a damage bonus


-The rare part drop has been removed for following NPCs/Monsters:
Juggernaut Warbots F-Type, L-Type, R-Type, FX-15, LX-15 and RX-15
Experimental and Prototype Ceres Troopers
Genotoxic Parasites, Slugger and Crawler
MC5 Security Officer
Regant Soldier, Trooper, Scout, Corporal, Warrior and Commander

-The DoY starter missions have been deactivated. All players, regardless of their faction, are now receiving the NC starter missions but with their faction specific Mister Jones. The HQ registration part in the dialog has been removed
-Added new mission in the DoY City Center to obtain three new WoC weapons
-Several high level missions have been adjusted according to the evacuation of the Dome of York
-All epic runs have been adjusted to the changes of the DoY factions move to Neocron city.
-All epic missions requiring the killing of other runners or random faction NPCs have been changed to killing specific, level-appropriate faction NPCs
-Most NPC kill targets have had their character level and weapons adjusted to match the difficulty of the according epic run.
-Overhauled the epic scripts in general, fixing many small errors.

-The list of temporary effects (i.e. DoT-Fire) is now sorted and combines equal dot types - an index shows how much effects you have. The HUD shows the shortest effect

-DoY-Specific vendors and smugglers have been relocated to various locations in Pepper Park, Outzone Station and the Canyon Facility.
-A bug causing player belts being dropped in Battlefield zones has been fixed
-A bug causing players losing sympathy in Battlefield zones has been fixed
-Fixed wrong model for Tunnel Y-Trooper
Updated: Patch 168 is a little bugfix to fix a reloading bug, 
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