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Patch 162
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 29 March 2007

Patch 162 has arrived just a few days after patch 161, with some more bug fixes, and some balancing.

As usual, click on Read more for the patch notes, and discuss the patch notes in this thread.

Update: 16:50BST - To fully understand the balancing done in this patch, please take a look at this thread.

Please read this thread for an explanation of the balancing chances. 

- Bonus System for weapons changed:
- HighTech + 2 % (was 5.0)
- Rare + 7.5 %
- Epic + 8.0 % (was 8.5)
- WoC + 8.0 % (was 10.0)

-> Weapons with Epic- or WoC-status are rebalanced.
-> LowTech-weapons receive an extra 3% to nearly close the gap with HighTech-weapons.
-> Melee-weapons now have the 5% penalty removed. The range penalty is enough disadvantage for that category.
-> Melee-weapons receive a 7.5% bonus to compensate for missing ammo-mods.
-> APU combat keeps the 16% bonus for their general frequency reduction until we fix this.
-> APU combat receives a 4% bonus to compensate for the missing high-tech variations. (lowtech-correction and half of hightech bonus).
-> APU combat receives a 7.5% bonus to compensate for the missing ammo mods.

- Added more tolerance for the line of sight verification of PSI modules
- Fixed a bug involving the saving of temporary effects (i.e. Shields) - selfcast PPU shields should now have their intended strength after zoning.

- Adjusted the calculations for the different classes to bring them closer together.
- Verification of calculations to prevent ranks of zero.

- Fixed a bug that impeded shield or heal in selfcast.
- Line of sight will work better in the Hacknet.
- Reduced the range of Hacknet NPCs (10%) as well as their aggro range.

- Fixed a bug that caused problems with XP in combat vehicles.
- The missing drug effect from nanite activity is back.
- Reduced the range of NPC weapons. This only applies to NPCs that uses normal weapons.
- Fixed the armor values of Genotoxic NPCs. They now only have full protection against fire and poison damage.
- Adjusted the collision verifications, some objects provided more cover than they should have.

- Adjusted the "The Hunt for Crossbow" mission. The mission is now repeatable and, like in other WOC missions, the reward is handed out in artifact quality with at least 3 slots.
- Adjusted the "Regants Legacy" mission. Like in other WOC missions, both rewards are now handed out in artifact quality with at least 3 slots.
- Adjusted several NPCs to prevent soullight and sympathy abuse.
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