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Patch 161
Written by CMaster   
Tuesday, 27 March 2007
Patch 161 is released today at 12 pm. Basically a bugfix patch, dealing predominatley with the implant damage issues (although not in the way that many players were hoping for). Click read more for the notes.

Patch 161 notes


- Law Enforcer will no longer be damaged in use.
- Law Enforcer can be implanted independently from skill rank. This restriction is deactivated for one week.
- Implants now take considerably less damage when they are damaged in combat.
- Implants are damaged considerably less often in combat.

- Removed the range bonus damage for Raygun weapons because of PvP imbalances. They still are most efficient at close range and lose some strength at long range.
- Fixed a bug in the calculation of the construction skill that caused items to be constructed at higher quality than intended.
- Tweaked the combat rank calculation for PPU characters, they will now have a higher combat rank.

- All WOC weapons are now dropable - the appropriate missions are repeatable.
- Fixed the names of some ammo and ammo mods (i.e. Rayguns).

- Fixed a bug in the "Ol' Dirty Conster" script, he should now give you the correct Spy Rifle PA.
- Fixed a bug in the Fallen Angels Epic Run. The missing mission item (Vehicle Energypack - Hover Technology Only) is now available again.
- The "Grave" dungeon is a "Dungeon Sector" again.


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