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Patch 159
Written by CMaster   
Monday, 12 March 2007
Patch 159 has been released, which features the finishing changes to make NC2.1 into 2.2. Click on Read More for the full patch list.


- The 'Loss of Memory' pills used to unlearn subskills will work without causing 'Synaptic Impairment' for the first period of the retail version.


- Added 4 new WoC-missions that have high level goodies as rewards! Keep your eyes open for Commander Harris, Bail Bondsman - Eric Peters, First Lieutenant McLane and The Jackal!
- Added 2 new vehicles that have DEX-based weapons (and requirements): NEXT Air Guard v.1.1 and NEXT Assault 'Trophy Hunter' V.2.56 (Scorpion Trike).


- Changed the frame rate cap to 100 milliseconds (100 FPS). (CMaster note - thats 10ms, surely?)
- NPCs with a skill rank below 32 are no longer affected by the general PvE damage modifier: they take more damage now.
- Added some tolerance for the server-side verification of PSI weapons.
- Reduced the strength of fall damage to 70 percent.

- Fixed the different usage of resistance skills inside Neofrag.
- Fixed combat rank update bug. The combat rank will update if you equip a weapon that will change your combat rank. Otherwise the combat rank will stay unchanged.
- Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error when taking damage while entering a vehicle.


- Grenades are working again.
- Adjusted range of low level pistols. They now have a minimum range of 75 meters.
- Fixed the remote repair tool.
- Increased the amount of nanites per ammo pack to 20 (was 4).
- Damage of 'Juggernaut Crossbow Pistol' changed to pure instant damage.

Discussion/bug reports are here 


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