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Patch 154
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 09 March 2006

- Terminal search function for runners and clans updated - added online/offline filter for runner search.
- Added a Runner killed by "Runnername" message.
- Empty holomatch games are now closed after a short time and can be recreated with a different number of players.
- Fixed a bug that prevented the holomatch games to fill the last player slot.
- Fixed a bug with the emote display.
- Fixed an overflow error with very high XP values.
- Fixed calculation errors for Soullight/sympathy gain on mission success.
- Tech Haven sympathy missions now always award +5 sympathy, regardless of the sympathy level for the target faction. The sympathy bonus for other missions was slightly increased.

- High level NPC's are now making more damage.
- Added area damage for Genotoxic Sluggers.
- Adjusted strength of all heal spells.

- Fixed many small mistakes in mission texts.
- TL 100 Datacubes are now available.
- Mr. Ferguson run is now available.
- The Phoenix database is now accesible.
- Ion shotgun weapons are now available.
- Fixed the loot drops from Grim Chasers and Scary Terrormaulers.

- Fixed several terminal and StockX exploits.
- Added checks against the outpost blocking exploit.
- Added checks against the "silentres" exploit.
- Added further checks when zoning and logging in.

Discussion about the patch can be found here

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