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Patch 152
Written by Father Christmas   
Wednesday, 21 December 2005
Let it snow! Let it Snow! Here is the NC2 Christmas Patch. You can talk about it here. Or you can just click on read more, and read the patch notes. - Military Base Sec-1, Sec-3 and Military Entrance changed to "City Sector".
- Fixed problems with Tacholytium Warbot spawn.
- Reduced Amok Copbot spawn in the Gaia Mines.
- Added Special Operation missions that allow you to raise your sympathy with a specific faction. The NPCs for these missions can be found in Tech Haven.
- Modified the Soullight penalty system. Players who have a Soullight value of -63 or worse can now be eliminated without recieving the regular zone specific penalites. Furthermore players with a soullight below -63 now appear red, below 0 yellow.
- Mr. Jones now appears again for new NEXT runners.
- Fixed NEXT alliance chat.
- Adjusted intelligence requirements for the Terminator Assault Quad.
- Special Purpose Ammo Parts are now available at local weapon equipment vendors.
- Adjusted weapon reload. The reload time is set to 2.5 seconds for every weapon. When the reload is technically accomplished, it is possible to fire the weapon again and the reload animation is cancelled. If no action is taken, the reload animation will finish normally. Further adjustements to this are being worked on.
- Added new weather effect.
- Updated models and effects of the Freezer weapons.
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