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Patch 144 & 145
Written by Tratos   
Wednesday, 07 September 2005
These new patches have been released changing some features the community has been wanting for, such as main trading zones in both Neocron and DoY as well as optimised netcode. Go here for the discussion on the official forums and view the patch notes by clicking the read more link.

- Turned Plaza P1 and DoY City Center into safezones again. The release of the PvP server is a good oppurtunity to make this change, which had been planned for quite some time. Each city now has one meeting point/zone where players can feel completely safe.
- Optimized Nav-Ray in Plaza/Viarosso/Pepper Park.
- Fixed some issues with Pepper sector 3.

- Optimized player position updates (netcode).
- Added mouse wheel scrolling to player trade window.
- Fixed drag&drop position error in player trade window.
- Added/modified code to prepare for PvP server settings.

- Added a new transport box model for trophies.
- Adjusted drop rates of a few trophy parts.
- Renamed and changed inventory icons of a few trophies.

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