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Patch 140
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 13 July 2005
A small bugfix patch to fix (Hopefully) the problems with spells miscasting. Click on read more for the patch notes, and you can discuss the patch here on the official forums.
- Increased the recycling requirements for the trophies, trophies of small animals require less recycling skill than large ones.
- Added new outfit for the Trophy-Hunter NPC.
- Fixed the backdoor of the Electric Vibes Club.
- Added Experimental Reflexbooster 3 & 4 implants to the CityMercs Faction Supply Manager.

- Improved code for the movement distance checks when casting PSI spells to better perform at high ping / latency. Fast spells should be casteable on the run, medium speels while walking, slow spells while standing.
- Fixed two clientside memory leaks.
- Fixed an occasional buffer overflow in RPOS item info window.
- Improved server performance.

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