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Patch 138 & 139
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 06 July 2005
Another bumper partch with new content, including Thropies! Click on Read More for the patch notes!

- Trophy System implemented. NPCs in Plaza P1, DoY City Center and Military Base will tell you more about it.

- Added Electric Vibes Club to Dome of York.
- Added Tiki Tornado Club to Dome of York.
- Added lots of unique graphical content for the new clubs.
- Added music for the new clubs.
- Added NPCs and missions for the new clubs.

- Fixed floating tree in J_01 "A Neocron world wonder is no more".
- Removed Plaza 4 apartment entrances from F_02.
- Removed FA turret from E_07.
- Fixed fences acting as rotten boxes in H_08.
- NPC proofed the elevator shaft in the MB Stairway.

- Research and Construction Items now stack.
- X-Bow Pistol damage reduced by 20%.
- Special Forces Plasmawave damage reduced by 10%.

- Fixed bug with weapons losing quality/slots (mostly occured when using certain slotted psi modules as the active weapon).
- If a character goes into negative sympathy with his current faction, he still remains a member of the faction, but has to face the consequences of his bad reputation.
- Removed delay when looping (restarting) the current ambient music track.
- Fixed client crash bug when receiving bad character model data.
- Modified movement distance check when casting PSI spells, subject to further adjustments.
- Itemtracking IDs will no longer be displayed.

- Fixed Unknown 10/10 mobs in Hacknet.
- Fixed DoY aligned bots in the Tunnels, they're now hostile to all factions like the rest.
- Adjusted damage on Mk II units in the level 3 tunnels.
- Fixed HackNet Vendor in Fallen Angels Sec 3.
- Further reduced HackNet Mob health.
- The Private Security Guards that were announced on the forums have not yet been implemented because they haven't finished their training yet.
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