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Patch 135
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 16 June 2005
Well I'll be dammed. I can now get out of the smelly clothes I've had for the last 9 months as the Rokkwear clothes fitter is back! Click on the read more to read the patch notes...
- Rokkwear is happy to announce that their outfitter systems received the much needed software upgrade and are now fully functional! Full news
- Added new 3Dmodels for Hacknet weapons.
- Added a GenRep in the Canyon Facility.
- Added new vendors to the Newbie Area MC5.
- Updated/fixed starter missions.
- Fixed use restriction bug on WoC items.
- Fixed a few memory leaks on client and server.
- Fixed a critical server-side memory leak in the PSI effect code (improves server performance/stability).
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