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Patch 133
Written by Tratos   
Monday, 23 May 2005
Over time the factions living in the dome have finaly repaired the DoY annoucement system, on your way though the city you will now hear a variety of messages deppending on your zone.
Patch 133 Notes

- Tweaked Hacknet NPCs.
- Improved AI efficiency of guards and Hacknet mobs.
- Added Experimental-MindControl CPU 3 to the Biotech Faction Supply Manager.
- Added environmental sounds to DoY city sectors.
- Added city anncouncements to DoY city sectors.

- Improved server-side error handling of mission system (improving server stability).
- Increased maximum number of mobs that can be spawned by mission NPCs.
- Increased lifetime of mobs spawned by missions.
- Added "/me" text emote option.
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