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Patch 132
Written by Tratos   
Wednesday, 04 May 2005
Bug fix and tweak patch.
- Improved spawn of Johnny Five and Jimmy "The Tulip" Kowalski.
- Increased mission time for "Reporting for Duty" and "Canyon Challenge" quests to 96 Neocron hours.
- Fixed NEXT Information Manager dialog.
- Added specific guards for each faction inside the Canyon Facility.
- Increased strength of "Reza's Calling" quest NPCs.
- Updated mission descriptions to include more locations.
- Fixed the techlevel of the scientist and engineer mission rewards.
- Fixed missing sounds for vehicles.
- Added missing descriptions for high level quest medals.
- Fixed missing katana animation.
- Decreased damage output of newbie Katana sword.
- Increased skill requirement of newbie katana (mc:45).
- Increased skill requirement of newbie heal spell to (ppu:30).
- Added subskill requirement to Ion Crossbow Pistol (tc:83).
- Added class restrictions to newbie stealth tool (pe and spy only).
New characters can now choose wether they want a PE or a Spy restricted Stealtool during
the Infiltrator startermission. The current stealth tools will have the PE restriction and may be exchanged at a Gamemaster if your character is not
fitting the requirement anymore (spy and pe characters only). Please submit a support ticket to request an exchange.
- The newbie quad will now be moved to the ASG terminal when it has been destroyed and can be repaired like the NEXT Epic vehicle.
Already broken Quad keys can be exchanged by a Gamemaster, please submit a support ticket to request an exchange.
- Mr. Jones no longer spawns in CityMerc start apartments.

- We are still working on the Hacknet balancing, which mostly consists of fairly tedious AI script reworks.
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