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Patch 128 & 129
Written by Tratos   
Friday, 18 February 2005
Usual patch with a hotfix.
- Fixed broken Hacknet model animations.
- Fixed some minor bugs in the new BlackDragon Epic reward apartment.
- Fixed not properly functioning Black Dragon Epic reward NPC. The BlackDragon Storage Boss is now handing out the apartment key if you have finished the Black Dragon Epic. Currently no one outside the BlackDragon faction is able to receive such a key. We are working on a fix for this problem.
- Fixed a broken NPC in the Hacknet.
- Removed the Ionic Shotgun weapon's ammo from the traders.
- Fixed an issue with the Juggernaut mission. However, there is still another problem, the mission status does not mention that, in addition to the parts, you need to kill 5 Warbot LX-15 to complete it.

- Reworked Pistol Skill again to reflect the intended "low weaponlore" requirement, as a result WEP's value has been reduced & the others increased further to take up the slack. Aim has also been heavily increased again, as a result if should cap well before the other areas.
- Reworked Aim cap on Rifles, it should require less skill to cap Aim now.
- Added 3 new Hacknet Softwares. 2 Attack and 1 Heal. The TL3 "HEW Attack Software v0.01", TL3 "Cryton Regeneration Software v0.05" & TL12 "HEW Attack Software v0.05".
- Removed all flying mobs from the Beginner MC5 temporarily .
- The PPU Antidote, Anti-Damage Boost & Anti-Shock are now useable in safezones.

- Increased the Newbie MC5 Boss mob spawn occurance slightly.

- Spy & PE Hacker templates now start with the two TL3 Hacknet software & an extra stamina booster in stead of the 9mm Pistol & 2 clips of ammo. The template skills have been adjusted to reflect the inventory change as well.

Patch 129: (Hotfix)
- synch Problem of #128 resolved
- HEW Attack Software v0.2 and v0.3 reactivated
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