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Patch 126 & 127
Written by Tratos   
Thursday, 17 February 2005
Bug fixes and content.
Ceres BioGenetic Labs
According to a press release by the CityAdmin Press Information Agency, a CityAdmin Special Task Force closed and sealed all entrances to the Ceres BioGenetic Laboratories. No reasons were named. Insiders suspect that the CityAdmin wants to secure the technology found in the Biogenetic Labs to their own advantage. Runners that may have been trapped inside the labs should use the usual emergency channels to exit the Labs.

Pepper Park
The spokesman of the newly created Red Pepper Entertainment Group announced today that the renovations of the Club Veronique and the Pussy Club are finally done. After rather long bureaucratic skirmishes with the previous owner and some technical problems with the renovations, the Red Pepper Entertainment Group is very pleased to finally be able to greet the first guests in the re-designed Club Veronique and Pussy Club.

- Added checks to prevent "green man hair model"
- Fixed potential server-side crash bug in database interface
- Fixed bug which allowed GMs to accidentally disable/block doors
- Fixed implant drop; one or more implants now drop and are placed into your inventory again after death
- Tweaked the walk animations of other chars when moving on low speed (instead of running all the time); may need further adjustments
- Tweaked the anti-spam chat delays.
- Changed anti-spam timer to restart from zero when anti-spam filter is triggered, which means that you have to wait another <x> seconds to write the next message.
- Improved free load updates after build processes (construction, recycle etc.)
- Fixed mission system bug regarding mission NPCs spawn by GMs
- Fixed several exploits.

- Crahn Holy Distract Mind, Crahn Holy Provoke Enemy, & Crahn Holy PSI Shield now researchable.
- HEW ‘Burner’ RC275 Now sold by correct trader.
- Cryton Multilink Defense Software v1.2 now working as intended.
- Ravager & Special Forces Plasma Wave's weight's were corrected.
- Anti-Air Rockets changed from 32 to 16 to match Anti-Vehicles rockets.
- Fixed mixed up requirements on Heavy-Combateye 3 & Light Duranium Boots
- Fixed issue with Black Dragon Hacknet Database Blueprints not showing the parts required.
- Unlabled Electroshocker & Electroshocker TL/Use Res TL fixed.
- NExT ER Chaincraft V.1 & NExT ER Wheeler Speedbike V.1 prices have been swapped to reflect their use requirements.
- Adjusted drop rate of Ultima mods in the DoY Tunnels.

Epic Runs:
- Applied fixes to the following epic runs: Black Dragon, Biotech, CityAdmin, Citymercs, Crahn, Fallen Angels and Next.
- Added a new reward for the Black Dragon epic run: A character that has completed all 6 of the BD epic runs should be able to talk to the starter NPC to get the new reward.

- Added Reaper Galopticus spawn to Beginners MC5 as a Boss type Mob. Combat effectiveness has been reduced on this variant, and should ignore the player unless attacked.
- Swamp Squid, Tentacle, Fierce Tentacle, Acanthous Tentacle, & Swamp Warrior's Levels adjusted to 60, 10, 20, 30 & 45 respectivly.
- Traders in Beginner MC5's inventory has been adjusted to better suit the items needed.

- Fixed female character hacknet bug that caused them to appear as Giant Reptiles

- Citycom\StockX: Infopage added - description of Stockx rules and restrictions
- Terminal: reset of clanmembership changed (in case of clantermination)

- Fixed traders in Outzone Jail
- Fixed traders in Newbie AreaMC5
- Fixed trader in TS-Sector
- Fixed Recreation Unit in Plaza Clanapp
- Fixed Citycom in Viarosso 3
- Added a new boss mob to Newbie AreaMC5
- Fixed minor bugs in Outzone 2, Outzone 4 and Plaza 1
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