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Patch 123 & 124
Written by Tratos   
Tuesday, 21 December 2004
Quite a beef bug fix and content addition patch.
- Heavy-Combateye 3 is now obtainable ingame
- Willpower LoM pill now looks like other INT based LoM's
- Fixed Drone-Combateye 2's TL to proper 41, Was TL14

- Removed All new Shotgun Rares from Smugglers & changed current ones to Milky Rens
- Fixed A&W 'Burning Air' Plasma Wave Shot sound from Gatlin to Plasma Wave
- Slightly Reduced Healing Light Damage
- Slightly Reduced Juggernaut Crossbow Pistol Damage
- Turned all CopBot Rifles into Broken Implants
- Test Vendor Drones are now Milky Rens
- added Weapon sounds for the new weapon-group (still not researchable, but patched)

- Herbal Mission Plants no longer moveable.
- Intrusion Countermeasure Daemon v1.1.1's Range, & Damage has been halved
- Intrusion Countermeasure Daemon v2.2.2's Range has been halved

- Black Dragon, Tsunami & Pheonix HackNet Databases fixed

- Added new Hacknet-dungeons all over Neocron and DOY
- Added a Hacknet-Dungeon to Area MC5
- Added Citycom to Faction DNS
- Added data-fragments
- Added some Sounds
- Added new HackNet player models
- Added some new actors
- Accessquest added which gives access to the new secret databases that are containing some of the new rare parts. The starter NPC is Frank Ferguson and can be found outside the Hacknet.
- Added Hack boosters 1/2/3 (they work like PSI boosters)

- Added more guards in the ProtoPharm HQ near the Gene Replicator

- Terminal\Info\Politics: Faction-Election reactivated, next election should be 2779-02-01 (NMT)

Code fixes:
- disabled display of attached weapons in HackNet
- reduced HackNet viewport hovering effect to 25%
- reduced HackNet move speed for players to 60%
- doubled HackNet player movement friction
- fixed some HackNet enemy/weapon sounds
- D3D9Drv: improved character/NPC animations on hardware with limited shader support (e.g. Geforce 3 / VS 1.1). This invalidates the geometry cache, forcing new precaching pass after the patch.
- D3D9Drv: fixed possible crash bug in mesh loader
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