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Patch 120 & 121
Written by Tratos   
Friday, 12 November 2004
Another drone fix orientated patch although this did bring some cool content, the new drone HUD, a drone racetrack and a new line of drones. This patch also removed backpack drops from the game.
- Disabled backpack drop, player now respawns with full inventory after death, the recovery fee of (skill rank * 100 CR) is paid automatically.

- Added Ion Drone line. There are 5 models for the Neocron side and 5 models for the DoY side. They aren't all available immediately, they will be released gradually. Be on the lookout for new NPCs introducing them.

- Added new drone HUD Graphics. Please check this thread for details.

- Added Drone Racing Arena, the entrance is located in Techhaven Sector 2 (have fun!).

- Adjusted the models of some of the existing drones so they are used more evenly. Also recolored some of the models.

- Adjusted skill effects on weapon stats. E.g. Weapon Lore now has a bigger effect. Please check this thread for a detailed skill list.

- Added a Heavy Combat Eye line.

- Reworked Melee Combat Eyes, removed WEP bonuses as they have no use in melee weapons.

- Reworked Targeting & Distant Weapon CPU's, turned Targeting into PC version of Distance Weapon, removed PC from Distance Weapon.

- Added more implants and weapons to vendors.

- Adjusted shot effects and damage on the Ion Crossbow Pistol.

- Level 3 Booster Spells are researchable now.

- Updated Cityadmin and Citymercs Epic Runs.

- Level 3 apartments may now be purchased in Tech Haven.

- Added Barracks Officers to Military P1 selling Military Base apartments.

- Moved Epic NCPs Erik, Claudia, Frederick, Marcel and Eljena to Military Base Sec-3.

- Fixed bug in double-door scripts causing the door to stay open for a too short amount of time.

- Fixed world map not shown/visible in 800x600 resolution.

- Citycom/Clanadmin: routines to change the clanleader verified/changed.

- Citycom/Helpsystem: Button 'Bugged' deleted - if you want to report a bug, please use the ingame bugtracker.

- Fixed world change to Mine 3.
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